Wednesday, 30 July 2014

9 ways to improve your mentoring experience

By Darren Stones
Schools Mentoring Australia

A few thoughts about mentoring:
  • Be prepared to role play
  • As a mentor, let the mentee explore what truly drives them
  • As a mentee, be clear in what you want from the mentoring process
  • As a mentor, encourage the mentee to do research - it empowers them
  • As a mentee, be willing to be challenged by your mentor
  • As a mentor, be prepared to be challenged
  • As a mentee, ask your mentor what they would do in a situation
  • As a mentor, listen and take notes
  • As a mentee, listen and take notes
The mentoring process is mutually beneficial to both mentee and mentor. Both learn about the mentoring process. As a mentee, you will learn how to become a mentor yourself. Mentoring can be formal and informal. It's all around you. You may be learning something new every day.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Is this a pathway to great leadership?

By Darren Stones

When it comes to inspiring good leadership, I regularly tune into the thoughts of Simon Sinek. His words resonate with me, and I feel uplifted and motivated after watching his talks.

I watch his talks over and again because I like to embed the learning I gain from his words of wisdom.

Please enjoy Simon Sinek's Ted talk titled Why good leaders make you feel safe.

Friday, 9 May 2014

A strengths-based activity

By Darren Stones

A brief strengths-based activity to consider:

1. Think of three males and three females you've come into contact with this week.
2. Write their first names on a piece of paper.
3. Beside each name, write one strength that each person possesses.

Reflect for a few minutes and write one or two sentences on that piece of paper as to how you feel after doing this strengths-based activity.