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Monday, 8 December 2014

Early Offer to study the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) at RMIT University

By Darren Stones

On Friday 21st of November 2014, I was privileged and excited to receive an Early Offer from RMIT University to study the undergraduate degree of the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours). I have accepted the offer and enrolled in the program.

Commencing in 2015, the program is four years duration on a full-time basis and will see me working towards becoming a fully qualified social worker in accordance with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

I will be studying the degree program at RMIT's City Campus in Swanston Street, Melbourne at the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies.

"The School of Global, Urban and Social Studies is a multidisciplinary leader in delivering education, training and research that contribute to a just and sustainable world."

Having successfully completed the Diploma of Community Services Work and Diploma of Community Development with the Kangan Institute, the social work program with RMIT is a progressive step for me towards experiencing higher learning and gaining further qualifications at the tertiary level.

I do envisage that my studies with RMIT will be a valuable learning experience, and I'm most grateful to those people who continue to encourage and support me in my education goals. It is an honour to receive an Early Offer, and I'm most grateful to RMIT for offering me the opportunity to study and achieve the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours).

In applying to study with RMIT University, my first preference for 2015 is to study the Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)/Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) and I remain hopeful of being offered to study this program in Round 1 on 19 January, 2015.

Darren Stones at RMIT University Open Day City Campus 2014

A personal view of mentoring

By Darren Stones

"The path you walk is of your own choosing. If you so desire, I can walk with you along your chosen path and be there to encourage and support you as you decide what is best for you. I am willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas about what you are considering to do. If you wish to discuss your thoughts and ideas, we can happily explore options, views and opinions in a friendly and purposeful manner that could inspire and motivate you to take action. You may discover that your confidence heightens as a result of these interactions between us." - Darren Stones, Mentor, 8/12/2014.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Five-minute activities to improve your mental fitness

By Darren Stones

Have you ever thought about how to better use five minutes? Utilising five minutes wisely on a regular basis can help you to improve your mental fitness.

A five-minute activity can actually bring you pleasure and make you feel good. Here are 12 activities to consider, and in doing so, write down those that interest you most. By doing some of these five-minute activities regularly, you will begin to create new behaviours that will improve your mental fitness. All these activities are designed to be done at home, and you may also consider doing some at work during your lunch break.

  • Listen to a song
  • Read pages in a book
  • Prepare some fruit salad
  • Cut flowers and put them in a vase
  • Write a shopping list
  • Read an article on the Internet
  • Do some exercise
  • Do a crossword puzzle
  • Read a movie review
  • Watch a movie trailer on the Internet
  • Message or text a family member or friend
  • Create a photo and upload it to your social media account

Of course you may think of many other things to do and that's excellent. The objective is to do something that interests you and makes you feel good.

When you feel inspired, do two five-minute activities back-to-back. Or, you may like to do more than two. The choice is yours, so get creative and give it a go!

Remember, it's the doing that will improve your mental fitness.

PDF Worksheet: Five-minute activities to improve your mental fitness

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