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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Testimonial from Peter Styles - RedBubble co-founder

By Darren Stones

The following is a testimonial for a group I founded - Australian Photographers Alliance - from RedBubble co-founder, Peter Styles.

RedBubble are pleased to be a sponsor of the Australian Photographers Alliance (APA) in their efforts to raise community awareness and funds for Australian charities.

One of our duties relating to this sponsorship is to supply high-quality products and assistance to customers. We will also be providing FREE shipping and handling on specified products.

We have developed a good rapport with APA members, Darren Stones, Mark Ingram, Joe Mortelliti and David Haviland since they have been associated with RedBubble.

RedBubble believes it’s important for Australians to help Australians, and we wish the Australian Photographers Alliance all the best for their projects.”

Peter Styles – RedBubble co-founder

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