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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Music that makes one contemplate

By Darren Stones

Whilst listening to the easy-listening track So far away by Tania Rose, it projected me into the future. It may sound morbid, but Tania’s song made me contemplate losing those who are closest to me.

I have a strong and reliant bond with my parents, brother and partner. To lose these people in my life would test my resilience. I’ve witnessed my parents’ emotion as they both lost their mother and father to god. They say time heals, but after many years have passed, my parents still shed a tear.

Tania’s voice is both soft and melodic, and frankly, I enjoy it. I’ve played So far away continuously as I’ve worked in my home office because it makes me think of the good times I want to share with my family in the future.

To me, So far away is a song that I look to as a guiding light. I’ll share this song with my family during the festive season and tell them what it means to me. It’s best I do that now, because eventually we’ll all be so far away from each other.

So far away is the "hidden track" on Tania's Journeys CD. It can be purchased online by visiting her website.

So far away by Tania Rose

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