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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The bare essentials of Australian travel photography according to Anne O’Connor

By Darren Stones

Tasmanian photographer Anne O’Connor is highly regarded in Australian photographic circles for her photography skills and voluntary contributions to the Australian Photographic Society in which she’s been a member since 1996.

At the society’s annual convention – APSCON – held in Launceston during September 2008, Anne was awarded the FAPS and AFIAP photographic honours. Anne is delighted to have achieved her honours, and particularly more so due to not having to travel overseas to achieve it – she did so by photographing Australia.

Anne became a member of RedBubble in November 2008 and settled in seamlessly. Her contributions to the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group are high quality and have been well received by the RedBubble community. Anne’s shown a keenness to participate in the travel group’s activities, and it’s not surprising given that travel photography is one of her passions.

Anne O’Connor, 61, resides in South Launceston, Tasmania and was a social worker by profession. As time and finances permit, she travels to distant locations in Australia with husband Bill.

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Anne, and it was interesting to learn not just of her antics, but how she is prepared to bare all in pursuit of her photography.

The bare essentials of Australian travel photography according to Anne O’Connor

The full transcript of my interview can be read on RedBubble at the above link.

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