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Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Murray River

By Darren Stones

During the last two years, I've been fortunate to photograph sections, towns and attractions of the Murray River from Victoria, New South Wales and from a paddleboat at Echuca.

As a youngster, our family journeyed to towns along the Murray River on numurous occasions, and at one time we had a caravan on-site at Corowa, New South Wales - the birthplace of federation in Australia.

One thing has stuck in my mind about the Murray River in recent years. The fact that it's such an important part of Australia's travel and tourism industry.

Sure, its many twists and bends add to the grandeur and mystique, but it's a river which continues to attract people from far and wide. Not surprising really given its history and beauty.

Please enjoy this slideshow of images of the Murray River.

The slideshow can also be seen in larger format here:

Khancoban, New South Wales, Australia, Murray River IMG_8059_Khancoban
The Murray River near Khancoban, New South Wales, Australia

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