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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Australian Travel Photography and Writing group's Australian Traveller challenge

By Darren Stones

As Group Host of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group, it was my pleasure today to launch the Australian Traveller challenge. The challenge is accepting Australian Travel Photography entries, and Australian Travel Writing and Photography entries for four weeks.

The primary purpose of the challenge is to encourage travel photographers, and travel writers and photographers, who are established in the business, in the process of doing so, or are enthusiasts. As a result of the challenge, Greg Barton, Editor, Australian Traveller magazine will choose a photograph, and a travel article, from the entries to publish in Australian Traveller magazine. Winners will also be rewarded with a 12 month subscription to the magazine.

The challenge is sponsored by Australian Traveller magazine, Kathy Thompson - Photographer, RedBubble, Darren Stones - Journalist and Photographer, John Conway - Photographer, and Anne O'Connor - Photographer. Check challenge details for information here.

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, bank IMG_9968_Beechworth
Beechworth by Darren Stones
Cover image for the Australian Traveller challenge
Published in the Apr/May 09 edition of Australian Traveller

Recently, I approached Greg Barton, Editor, Australian Traveller magazine seeking his interest in becoming group Patron of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group. Greg jumped at the opportunity and is now one of our chief sponsors via Australian Traveller magazine.

The group currently has 317 members, and the number is steadily rising. With new initiatives being implemented, members are becoming increasingly active by submitting high quality Australian travel photographs, journals and writings. Members are also becoming increasingly busy within the group's forums.

As part of my role in hosting the group, which I originated in December 2008, I promote the group, our members, and works they submit. Also, the group is becoming a portal for editors and publishers seeking quality Australian travel imagery and writing. In recent times, the standard of work has risen and so has member activity. Sponsors are seeing the benefit of being associated with the group as their brand is being advertised across the internet via our base at RedBubble.

Some recent initiatives I've undertaken and implemented:

So, with all this happening, it seems the group has bigger and better things to come. Further sponsorship has been secured, and new sponsors will be sought in due course. Sponsors are welcome to make contact and can find details via my contact page. I believe the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group is becoming increasingly attractive, and given the brand names associating with the group, it seems a good time to become involved.

Find below a collection of my works available for sale at RedBubble. Hover arrow for more details.

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