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Friday, 2 April 2010

Published in Discover Australia magazine Issue 1 March 2010

By Darren Stones

I'm thrilled to have my various articles and travel photography published in Discover Australia magazine Issue 1: March 2010. The magazine is the official magazine of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group which has 766 members.

As founder, host and journalist of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing (ATP&W) group, I'm pleased to see this free publication come to fruition as it's providing a rare opportunity for budding and experienced Australian travel writers and photographers to showcase their skills, and inform a worldwide audience of Australian travel and tourism experiences.

Discover Australia Issue 1: March 2010 is available for viewing in PDF format via the following link and by clicking on the front cover graphic below. The publication can be saved to your computer and shared with family and friends.

Discover Australia magazine Issue 1, March 2010

The magazine has an appointed volunteer editorial team consisting of: Leanne Nelson, Editor; Darren Stones, Journalist; Susan Adey, Deputy Editor; Nerida Smith, Assistant to the Editor. Their responsibility is to publish the magazine, seek and provide quality content, seek interesting and informative travel writing from group members, search for and seek quality travel photography from group members, communicate with contributors, conduct a photography competition, arrange sponsorship, and promote the magazine via email, and various websites including RedBubble, Facebook and Twitter.

I had the vision and concept for the magazine, and with the support and dedication of the editorial team, and contributions and support from members of the ATP&W group, Discover Australia has become a reality.

Articles which I've had published in the first issue of the magazine include:

* From the journo's desk
* What's happening in the ATP&W group
* The journey chronicled
* Travel Bites
* 5 tips for photographing Anzac Day

The magazine has impressed many people and they have kindly expressed their thoughts in writing within the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group and other areas on the internet.

Greg Barton, Editor, Australian Traveller magazine - which is Australia's best-selling travel magazine - has described Discover Australia as "Top Stuff!" Greg was appointed as Patron of the ATP&W group by me in May 2009.

Enjoy reading Discover Australia Issue 1: March 2010. I sure enjoyed being part of the first issue.

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