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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Sapphire Coast Photography CD

Darren Stones Visual Communications supplies high quality digital photographs to businesses so they can improve their image through visual communications.

I've released a product for businesses that are seeking a large collection of Sapphire Coast images. The images contained on the Sapphire Coast Photography CD are designed for businesses who desire to showcase the region on their business website with the intention of increasing their clientele.

Sapphire Coast Photography CD
The Sapphire Coast Photography CD is available to purchase with all images contained subject to licensing. Images are supplied on CD by post.

Images on CD:
50 photos PLUS 10 bonus photos = 60 photos. Images can be previewed online.
Sapphire Coast Photography CD

Permitted usage:
  • One nominated website only
  • Unlimited years licence

Photographs can be used for:
  • Accommodation websites
  • Club and hotel websites
  • Tourist attraction websites
  • Real Estate agency websites
  • Business websites that require images

How to use photographs:
  • Rotate images on your website pages to keep the site looking fresh
  • Showcase the region and increase your clientele

$330.00 Includes GST and postage within Australia - Unlimited years licence.

Further information:
For assistance and more information, contact me by email or phone.  Mobile: 0419 200 469

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