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Monday, 25 April 2011

A day at Torquay on the Great Ocean Road

By Darren Stones

Just recently, Bronwyn and I enjoyed a daytrip to Torquay on the Great Ocean Road for a relaxing day of walking, sightseeing and photography. During this time of the year, the angle of the sun is lower in the northern sky and it provides good conditions for taking photos throughout the day.

Being only 1 hour and 20 minutes from Melbourne, and at the beginning of the Great Ocean Road, it is an ideal daytrip location for those of us living in the suburbs.

We enjoyed a leisurely two-hour walk in sunny conditions along the main beach from the scenic Point Danger to Rocky Point, which is near the Torquay Surf Club.

Point Danger Lookout, Torquay, Victoria, Australia IMG_0007_Torquay
Point Danger Lookout at Torquay
Photo: Darren Stones

Along the way, I took photographs of the lookout at Point Danger; the beach and surging waves; exposed rock ledges during low tide; panoramic views overlooking the main beach; people relaxing on the beach; surf rescue equipment and fit-looking surf lifesavers; the area where Spring Creek enters the ocean; and the photogenic geological features around Rocky Point.

Point Danger, Torquay, Victoria, Australia IMG_9994_Torquay
Point Danger at Torquay looking towards the surf club
Photo: Darren Stones

One thing that has greatly impressed me about this area over the years is that there are so many opportunities to take photographs. Everywhere I look, I see interesting subject matter that is worth photographing. It is best to leave the car behind and walk around this area for a few hours, not only for the exercise, but to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.

Main Beach, Torquay, Victoria, Australia IMG_0013_Torquay
The main beach at Torquay
Photo: Darren Stones

I am currently developing  some photography outing ideas that people could book for a reasonable fee and gain a better knowledge of travel photography and the various photogenic areas along the Great Ocean Road.

Incorporated into the day's outing will be a social aspect where the group can chat, enjoy a meal together and take some great photos during the day. If you are interested in attending any photography outings in the future, please visit my Facebook page and click "Like". I will be promoting the outings on my page.

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