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Saturday, 3 November 2012

How to improve your photography by participating in photography mentoring

By Darren Stones

For someone who actively participates in photography, it can be a fulfilling experience to connect with a like-minded person and achieve goals as part of a photography mentoring partnership. As an amateur photographer, you can further develop your knowledge by discussing your plans with a more experienced photographer who is willing to share knowledge and ideas, and exchange wisdom and thoughts.

Fast-track your learning
You can improve your photographic knowledge and fast-track your learning, by initiating a photography mentoring partnership with a mentor who will facilitate positive discussion and support you to achieve agreed goals.

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Constructive feedback and advice
Photography is a continuing learning experience because it provides you with exciting opportunities to further develop your skills, increase your network, and share your newly created images. As a photographer, you can discover new insights with a photography mentor who will provide you with constructive feedback and advice.


Facilitating growth
Over the years I have been mentored by people who have successfully facilitated my growth, and they did so by encouraging me to set realistic goals and discover information. My mentors did not attempt to solve problems. We discussed my goals and they encouraged me to initiate my journey to improving my knowledge and skills.

Kite Surfing, Zeally Bay, Torquay, Victoria, Australia IMG_5373_Torquay

Discuss how goals can be achieved
In the 1990s, I was mentored by a former secondary school teacher. Our common interest was playing golf at the local club, and in particular the Rules of Golf. My goal was to achieve Club Level Rules Accreditation, and my mentor and I participated in a mentoring process during planned meetings where we discussed how I could achieve my goal. Our mentoring partnership was conducted over four months and I achieved the rules accreditation that I wanted with a perfect score of 50 out of 50, which was better than my mentor achieved! My mentor was highly skilled at the rules of golf and his achievements included officiating at the Australian Open and other professional events, and numerous amateur tournaments at national, state and local level.

Develop a plan to achieve a goal
During the early stages of developing my photography business I was involved in a mentoring partnership for six months as part of the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme. My specific mentoring goal was to increase sales of my framed prints, cards and calendars. My mentor and I discussed how developing and implementing a marketing plan would help me to achieve my goal. We achieved success because we completed a planned process that included an achievable goal. My mentor held qualifications in business and marketing, and she was successful in her own business pursuits as well as being a TAFE trainer and mentor.

Initiate a mentoring partnership
Photography mentoring is an enjoyable learning process where a less experienced photographer can initiate a mentoring partnership with a more experienced photographer. As a professional photographer, I have knowledge and skills that I'm willing to share with amateur photographers who want to improve their photography knowledge and skills.

Create your new pathway
As a photographer who wants to advance your standard of photography, I invite you to contact me by email or phone. We can discuss your photography mentoring needs so you can create your new photography pathway.

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Contact information
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Further information
Further details about my photography mentoring service are located on the "Mentoring" page.

Download, save and print the 20-page PDF information booklet

Download and print the Photography Mentoring flier

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