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Monday, 28 December 2009

Australian Travel Photography and Writing group Member of the Year 2009

By Darren Stones

It’s been a terrific year for the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group, and a wonderful year at RedBubble.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge RedBubble, and in particular its General Manager Peter Styles for his ongoing support of the group. Peter is reasonably aware of how the group is developing, and he recently said in our forum: “Terrific work guys. There’s much to check out and this group is going from strength to strength.” My gratitude is extended to Peter, and I look forward to communicating with him on behalf of the group during 2010.

As Group Founder and Sponsor of the award, it’s my pleasure to announce the Australian Travel Photography and Writing Group Member of the Year 2009 recipient is Joe Mortelliti. In announcing Joe as the recipient, I acknowledge he has demonstrated a high level of active participation within the group during 2009. He met the criteria I set:

  • Submitting quality Australian travel photographs
  • Submitting quality Australian travel journals
  • Submitting quality Australian travel writing
  • Adhering to group rules and guidelines
  • Participating in group challenges
  • Participating in the group’s forums
  • Providing encouragement and advice to members in the group’s forums

The quality of Joe’s Australian travel photography is high. His photography has been published on numerous occasions, and was again during 2009 in The Complete Guide To The Great Ocean Road by Richard Everist of BestShot! publications.

Joe recently became a Group Host of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group, however his level of participation in the role is dependent on his health. Without going into specifics, Joe is lucky to be alive – he quite simply came back from the brink due to a life threatening illness. Behind the scenes in the group host’s bunker, Joe provides advice, direction and a good touch of humour.

The travel writing bug has bitten Joe in recent times, and I believe his goal is to be published in the mainstream. It won’t be an easy task for him to accomplish, and I wish Joe the best in his endeavours. He has good stories to tell, so fingers crossed an editor will give him a go.

Group forum participation is something I have consistently encouraged since the group’s launch on December 28, 2008, and Joe has been active from the word go. His willingness to provide relevant travel advice and critique on fellow members’ travel photography has impressed me. He is generous with his time and his advice is sound.

During 2009, Joe has sponsored various challenges within the group, and this makes for a good atmosphere. I trust the association will continue in 2010.

In being the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group Member of the Year 2009 recipient, Joe Mortelliti will receive:

  • One Darren Stones RedBubble medium-size framed print
  • One Darren Stones 2010 Australian travel photography calendar
  • One award certificate – supplied by Group Host Leanne Nelson

The Australian Travel Photography and Writing group consists of 613 talented and conscientious members. I see 2010 as a year where we can achieve further success as a group, and celebrate the successes of our members. It’s a pleasure to be part of the group, and I thank everyone who has contributed to it during 2009.

Darren Stones
Group Founder and Host
Australian Travel Photography and Writing

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