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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Travel Bites column for Discover Australia

By Darren Stones

As 2009 draws to a close, I've had the pleasure of compiling the Travel Bites column for Issue #1 of Discover Australia e-magazine of which I'm the Journalist.

Issue #1 of Discover Australia is due late February 2010, and it will be the Mar/Apr/May '10 quarterly edition. Writing in advance for such a publication requires forethought, research and knowing that by the time people read the column that Australia will be experiencing autumn.

The aim of Travel Bites is to provide one snippet of information for each state and territory of Australia. There's always plenty happening around the nation, so sourcing interesting things to do, see, and experience should be fun.

Travel Bites will be a column accompanied by travel photos sourced from Australian Travel Photography and Writing group members, and myself.

From festivals to tourist attractions - there's something for everyone.

Hay, New South Wales, Australia, The Long Paddock, sheep shearer IMG_5805_Hay
Glen the shearer at Shear Outback, Hay, NSW
Photo: Darren Stones

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