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Sunday, 27 February 2011

In business with a new logo

By Darren Stones

There’s much to be said for a business having a logo as it sends a clear signal to people that you’re “in business.”

A few weeks ago I was reading through the forums on Flying Solo – Australia’s solo and micro business community, and read some comments by graphic designer Daniel Abela. I was impressed by Daniel’s spirit and his passion for wanting to satisfy his customers.

Whilst browsing Daniel’s site, I noticed that his sense of humour is similar to mine. Seeing someone’s character shine through via their business site is something that impresses me. Soloists are well placed to do this and it’s something I endeavour to do.

My initial approach to Daniel was straightforward:

"Hi Daniel, I'm seeking some design work and require a logo design. I see you can design for a letterhead, business card, and other stuff, too. Would you be interested in doing some work for me for my business which is Darren Stones Visual Communications? PS - I've become aware of your service via Flying Solo."

Daniel promptly responded and was keen to assist. From there, things moved along seamlessly between us to a point where I’m happy to say that I love my new business logo. I’m “in business” folks.

I’m happy to recommend Daniel Abela Graphic Design & Web.

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  1. Thanks Darren - you were a pleasure to work with - best of luck with the business.


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