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Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Day flash flooding brings out hoons

By Darren Stones

Local family celebrations came to a sudden halt when a severe thunderstorm storm caused flash flooding in Mikado Street Glenroy on Christmas Day.

A male driving a four-wheel drive sped through the flood water and was heard yelling out to onlookers who were concerned that the wave action could cause water to enter their yards and cause damage.

Heavy rain caused Mikado Street to resemble a river and male drivers took their chances by driving through the water as local residents looked on.

A driver of a red hatchback sped up to enter the flood water and his car stalled in the water. He was able to re-start the car after a few minutes and reversed out of the water. Local residents looked on in amazement and commented on the stupidity of his actions.

Local resident Gordon Stones said it was the third time he has seen flash flooding in Mikado Street Glenroy since 1968.

The street drainage system could not cope with the deluge and the water covered the road, nature strips and footpaths.

Photos: Darren Stones

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