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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Putting myself in the picture

By Darren Stones

Recently I visited the Coburg Lake Reserve in Melbourne's north and had a great time photographing the autumn colours. It was a relaxing time during a pleasant Sunday afternoon and a great opportunity to clear the cobwebs after a solid week of work and study.

Autumn really is a magnificent time of the year to photograph outdoors, and when it's overcast, that is an ideal opportunity to photograph deciduous trees as they change colour.

The even lighting conditions are perfect, because you won't have to battle with harsh shadows and high contrast situations.

I got a little creative with this scene and put myself in the picture. I set up my camera on my tripod, switched on the 10-second self-timer and just wandered over into the scene.

I chose to use this golden tree to create a framing effect by placing it on the right and excluding the top part of it. The fallen leaves have created a carpet of colour that also enhances the composition. I'm standing at a table, which has a chess board design incorporated into it.

Next time you're out with your camera and tripod, consider putting yourself in the picture.

Coburg Lake Reserve, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia IMG_6106_Coburg
Coburg Lake Reserve
Photo: Darren Stones

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