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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Canberra Balloon Fiesta

By Darren Stones

Canberra Balloon Fiesta IMG_8526_Canberra_Balloon_Fiesta

Title: Canberra Balloon Fiesta
Photographer: Darren Stones
Location: Forecourt of Old Parliament House, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Date and time: Saturday 26 April 2008. 7:25 AM.

“The night before I was floating on air with enthusiasm at the prospect of photographing hot air balloons drifiting through the Canberra skies. Upon waking at 6:00am, I sprung out of bed and excitedly pulled back the motel room curtain to see if the sky was clear. All I could see was fog, one which I’d describe as a pea-souper. So far from home and running to a schedule, the visions I had of blue skies dotted with multi-coloured balloons were soon drifting away. I was deflated, just like the balloons were a few hours later. What a bummer. Next time.” – Darren Stones

Series: In The Field

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