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Thursday 28 December 2006

Tasmania - I want to getaway!

By Darren Stones

Do you wish you could fly into the sky, so very high, and above the trees just like a dragonfly? How about above the seas to anywhere you please? You wanna fly away to a place where you can getaway? Yeah yeah yeah!!

Mount Wellington

Be tempted and jump onboard a big iron bird and head for Hobart, Tasmania and suck in the fresh air that will clear the senses in no time. A weekend of two nights and three days should be enough to bring you back down to earth and send you home refreshed all ready to tackle what’s in store.

Mount Wellington - Pinnacle Shelter

Mount Wellington is sure to stop you in your tracks for a while as you soak in the view from an elevation of 1270 metres. Why not grab some grub at the Hog’s Breath Cafe` - it’s not as bad as it sounds! Port Arthur is a place chock full of history and it gets the brain ticking over and makes one reflect. A hearty brekky at Jam Packed should be enough to see you through to a late lunch at the Richmond Arms Hotel too.

Mount Wellington - Pinnacle Shelter

Touchdown at Hobart International Airport on a Friday afternoon is a welcome relief for any city slicker from the mainland, and heading straight to the peak of Mount Wellington is pretty much a must do. Well, that’s if the weather is fine of course!

Mount Wellington - Pinnacle Shelter

The Mount Wellington summit is a leisurely twisting 20 minute drive from the Hobart CBD, via the leafy southern suburbs. Once you reach the top, you’ll soon realise why this is one of Australia’s best vistas. Yes, you can see for miles and miles and miles.

Mount Wellington

Dinner at the strangely named Hog’s Breath Cafe` in Hobart, is a good way to end a busy day of travelling and sightseeing. Steak is the specialty on the menu and it’s served in a multitude of different ways. The fries are treated as a bit of a novelty with them being served up in the shape of a hog's tail. Don’t believe me? It’s true – go see and taste for yourself!

Port Arthur - Church

Saturday is ideal for a full-day trip to the Port Arthur Historic Site and a reasonably early start is suggested. There’s quite a lot to see and experience in this significant precinct.

Port Arthur - Separate Prison

As part of your entry fee, you’re entitled to an introductory historical walking tour with an expert guide and a 20 minute cruise with an informative commentary onboard the luxury catamaran MV Marana.

Port Arthur - Penitentiary

Some of the highlights of the Port Arthur Historic Site are; the Penitentiary, Separate Prison, Hospital and Church.

Port Arthur - Penitentiary

The Visitor Centre opened in 1999 as a result of joint funding from the State and Federal Governments and it provides an interactive experience for all the family as well as a gift shop, the Port Café and Felons a la carte restaurant.

Port Arthur - Government Gardens

I’d suggest you take your camera on this trip, as there are so many spectacular sights that are worth recording as part of your journey. A high quality point and shoot camera will get you a few good snaps, but for those dedicated photography enthusiasts, a digital SLR kit with a tripod will take you that step further in what you’ll be able to achieve.

Accommodation at the Cascade Hotel is reasonably priced and it's located within comfortable walking distance to the famous Cascade Brewery. The rooms are a comfortable motel style and they are semi self-contained. Lunch and dinner bistro-style meals are served in the dining room which is conveniently located just off the main bar-lounge area.

Sunday morning at Jam Packed is a great way to kick-off the day with a breakfast to settle those ever present tummy bugs. Old favourites like, Bacon and Eggs, and French toast are served under a spectacular glass roof at this classy Hobart Waterfront venue.

Richmond Bridge

Once you have had your fill of toast and coffee, it’s worth heading-off for the historic town of Richmond, which located about 30 minutes from Hobart. Richmond is home to Australia’s oldest bridge that is still in use. Built in AD1823, Richmond Bridge was built by convicts from sandstone and is said to be haunted by ghosts. Today, it’s a popular attraction for photographers and travellers.

Richmond Bridge

The Richmond Arms Hotel is popular with day-trippers from Hobart on a weekend and it’s a top spot for a drink and a bite to eat. There’s a very friendly feel in this establishment and the bistro-style meals are more than adequate to satisfy the hunger.

Richmond Arms Hotel

Sunday lunch at the Richmond Hotel, a walk around Richmond’s historic buildings and a browse through the art and craft shops, is a splendid way to finish up a refreshing weekend in Tassie before heading back to the grind of Monday-Friday life. Go on - get away!

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