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Thursday 31 March 2011

Great Ocean Road - VIC

By Darren Stones

Check out this set of Great Ocean Road images. All images are available for licensing and can be used for:
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • And much more
Prices start from $60.00. Contact me today to discuss your needs. If you own a business, bulk discounts apply!

Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_1962_Twelve_ApostlesPort Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia IMG_2005_Port_Campbell_National_ParkLondon Bridge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_7431_London_BridgeLoch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_7402_Loch_Ard_GorgeLoch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_7412_Loch_Ard_GorgeLoch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_2503_Loch_Ard_Gorge
Loch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_7416_Loch_Ard_GorgeThe Arch, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_0603_The_ArchGibson's Beach, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_0455_Gibson's_BeachGibsons Beach, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_0458_Gibson's_BeachGibson's Beach, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_0437-1_Gibson's_BeachTwelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_2332_Twelve_Apostles
Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_2577_Twelve_ApostlesTwelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_0503_The_Twelve_ApostlesLoch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_2524_Loch_Ard_GorgeLoch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_2522_Loch_Ard_GorgeLoch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_2567_Loch_Ard_GorgeLoch Ard Gorge, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_2529_Loch_Ard_Gorge
Twelve Apostles, Gibson's Beach, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_0468_Gibson's_BeachTwelve Apostles, Gibson's Beach, Victoria, Australia, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road IMG_0456_Gibson's_BeachGibsons Beach, Victoria, Australia, Great Ocean Road IMG_0453_Gibson's_BeachTorquay, Victoria, Australia, beach IMG_1100_TorquayTorquay, Victoria, Australia, beach IMG_1059_TorquayTorquay, Victoria, Australia, beach IMG_1082_Torquay
Great Ocean Road - VIC, a set on Flickr.

Wednesday 30 March 2011

How to save time and money for your business by licensing use of professionally created images

By Darren Stones

There’s times when you need to freshen-up your website and advertising material with new images so you can attract new customers. New customers are critical to growing a business and to maintaining market share.

By licensing professional images that have already been created, you can save your business money because you do not have to commission a professional photographer.

Let’s say your business is involved in the travel or tourism industries. It’s imperative to show your customers images that are not 10-15 years old. Consider selecting new images from the Darren Stones Stock Photography gallery. I specialise in licensing images to businesses and individuals. Prices start from $60.00 and discounted business packages can be tailored to suit your needs.

Bright, Victoria, Australia, Delany Avenue, autumn IMG_9825_Bright
Delany Avenue during autumn at Bright, Victoria, Australia
Photo: Darren Stones

Photographs can be used for:
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • Booklets
  • And much more

For further information, see my Photography page and contact me today to discuss your needs.

Saturday 19 March 2011

Award-winning tour operator Bunyip Tours supplied with fresh images for promotion

By Darren Stones

Darren Stones Visual Communications recently had the pleasure to supply five high resolution digital photographs to multi award-winning Australian tour operator Bunyip Tours. Bunyip Tours who are located in Flinders Street, Melbourne, were seeking fresh images for brochures, their website and posters for marketing and promotion activities.

The professional photographic package we supplied includes:
  • Two photographs featuring the magnificent Twelve Apostles
  • A moody photograph taken at Teddy's Lookout at Lorne which overlooks a scenic winding section of the Great Ocean Road
  • A rare image of a young family walking along the pristine Gibsons Beach adjacent the Twelve Apostles
  • A soothing scene of MacKenzie Falls in the Grampians National Park
Bunyip Tours was a finalist in the 2010 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards and we congratulate them for their achievement. We are delighted to assist Bunyip Tours improve their image in the Australian travel and tourism industry by supplying images from our ever-growing image library.

Darren Stones Stock Photography

Monday 14 March 2011

Jimmy Barnes and friends rock Aussie Rock on Arden

By Darren Stones - a 1980s music tragic

It's rare to get the opportunity to see some of Australia's best rock'n'roll talent assembled in one place in Melbourne to perform an outdoor gig over seven hours. But when that occasion arises, it's best to book tickets fast and prepare your best-looking black shirt.

Last Saturday between 3-10pm, the North Melbourne Football Club hosted Aussie Rock on Arden featuring Jimmy Barnes, Jon Stevens and Noiseworks, Ian Moss and Shannon Noll. With the temperature reaching 30 degrees Celcius, things were hot and sweaty both on and off the stage. Fold-up chairs and picnic blankets were the order of the day for the patrons who gathered on the oval, along with plenty of water, sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

Ian Moss IMG_8973_Ian_Moss
Ian Moss
Photo: Darren Stones

Ian Moss IMG_9088_Ian_Moss
Ian Moss
Photo: Darren Stones

First of the headline acts to perform was Ian 'Mossy' Moss. Formerly of Cold Chisel, Moss performed a set which included his solo hits Telephone Booth and Tuckers Daughter from his first album Matchbook, plus My Baby and Bow River which he wrote and performed during his years with 'Chisel'.

TV personality and comedian Peter Hellier was MC for the event and his close friend and Collingwood footballer wannabe Brian 'Strauchnie' Strauchan made a brief yet memorable appearance. Whilst Shannon Noll was on stage belting out What about me, Strauchnie saw fit to enter from stage right and begin hollering out What about Strauchnie. Being typically not-so-humble in the company of real talent, Strauchnie soon realised he was out of his vocal league and went back to wherever it is that he loiters in between engagements.

Shannon Noll IMG_9136_Shannon_Noll
Shannon Noll
Photo: Darren Stones

Shannon Noll opened with Loud, which so happens to be my favourite track of his. From the days of obscurity where he was discovered on Australian Idol in 2003, Noll's performance and voice has matured to a point where his presence in such popular company was warranted. His stage performance quickly commanded the attention of the crowd and they in turn responded to his highly-charged performance. The ladies just love him.

Shannon Noll IMG_9133_Shannon_Noll
Shannon Noll
Photo: Darren Stones

Noiseworks have re-formed and with Jon Stevens out front are playing as good as ever. Long regarded as one of the country's most under-rated acts during the 1980s, Stevens announced to their fans that Noiseworks will be recording a new album - their first in 19 years.

Noiseworks' performance was regarded by many in the crowd as the best of the night with Stevens's voice and energy reminiscent of decades gone by. Stevens is ageing like a fine wine and is looking remarkably fit - a credit to him.

Stevens dedicated Touch to those suffering from the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Jon Stevens IMG_9419_Jon_Stevens_Noiseworks
Jon Stevens - Noiseworks
Photo: Darren Stones

Jon Stevens IMG_9453_Jon_Stevens_Noiseworks
Jon Stevens - Noiseworks
Photo: Darren Stones

Jimmy Barnes was the headline act of the evening and deservedly so. In the style Australians are becoming accustomed to seeing, he quickly commanded the full attention of the audience. Barnes has arguably become the elder statesman of Australian rock and seems to be revelling in his role.

Jimmy Barnes IMG_9843_Jimmy_Barnes
Jimmy Barnes
Photo: Darren Stones

Jimmy Barnes IMG_9926_Jimmy_Barnes
Jimmy Barnes
Photo: Darren Stones

Barnes, who was accompanied on stage during his 90-minute performance by three family members, finished the night strongly by pleasing his screaming fans with Driving Wheels and Working Class Man.

Monday 7 March 2011

The Caravan, Camping & Touring Supershow

Victoria's supershow is landing

What: Camping & Touring Supershow
When: Thursday, March 10th – Tuesday, March 15th
Where: Caulfield Racecourse
Why: Great range of caravans, campers, tents, camping gear and more.

Sponsored by CIL insurance, the biggest caravan and camping show in the southern hemisphere is landing just in time for the touring season. Check out a massive range of caravans, motorhomes, camper trailers, tents, camping gear and every accessory under the sun, so you don’t have to leave luxury behind when you leave home.

Every year more and more Australians are making the great leap, discovering how affordable and awesome touring Australia can be. Whether you’re into weekends away or the big lap, they’ll be something at the show to get your pulse racing.

Over six days experts will be on hand conducting seminars on everything you need to know to hit the road smiling. As usual, the grandstand will be packed to the rafters with tourism displays offering invaluable free advice for your next adventure and there will be loads of free 2011 Tourism & Caravan Park guides.

Coxy and Franky J will be there to entertain the adults, with Roary the Racing Car on hand Saturday through Monday for the kids. Win fantastic prizes, with a Paramount Caravan worth over $30,000 up for grabs!

Open Thursday through Tuesday from 9:30AM, parking is free before 11AM. Admission is $17, kids under 15 are free. Pensioners and Senior’s Card holders $13. Wheelchair access and disabled parking available.

For more information visit

Thursday 3 March 2011

Current progress with the Diploma of Editing (Publishing)

By Darren Stones

In August 2010 I enrolled in the National Editor course with Australian College QED. The course is part of the Nationally Recognised Training framework and on completion I will be awarded a Diploma of Editing (Publishing).

My purpose for undertaking this course is to increase my skill levels in the publishing industry because I'm on the verge of commencing a book. By commencing a book I mean to undertake strategic planning whereby making it profitable. I'm currently in search of a small business specialist to assist me in developing a comprehensive business plan for the publication.

I have the concept of the book firmly etched in my mind and believe there is a growing market for the style of publication I wish to write and publish. I'm looking to make it an interactive publication where readers become inspired to improve their life. I suspect the publication will see me travelling to various parts of Australia due to wanting to meet people.

To date I've completed six assignments in the course and I'm pleased with the grades I'm achieving. The course material is well presented and the feedback from my tutor Leila Kertesz is informative and encouraging.

My strategy is to complete (on average) one assignment per month as I find this to be a reasonable balance with other commitments I have. As a correspondence course, the benefit is that I can dedicate study time to suit my lifestyle.

Here's a list of the six modules I've completed, along with the grades achieved.


Develop and Apply Knowledge of Editing in the Publishing Industry
Completed 08 Oct 2010
Result: Distinction

Edit Copy
Completed 03 Nov 2010
Result: High Distinction

Develop Knowledge of Typography, Illustration and Design for Editing I
Completed 20 Jan 2011
Result: Distinction

Edit Non-Print Media
Completed 20 Jan 2011
Result: High Distinction

Apply Knowledge of Law and Ethics for Editors and Publishers
Completed 20 Jan 2011
Result: High Distinction

Edit for Major Sectors of the Publishing Industry I
Completed 07 Feb 2011
Result: Distinction

I'm currently working my way through module seven which is Develop Knowledge of Structural Editing I and I'm well into the assignment.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Easter treats on the Sapphire Coast

The Sapphire Coast will be eggsactly perfect for family holiday fun this Easter

By Darren Stones

I remember the days—before Facebook and iPhones—when I’d peel back the foil paper of a neatly-wrapped chocolate Easter egg and begin to ponder its fate. Inevitably I’d begin playing with my food and go through the annual Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall ritual. Not surprisingly, Humpty would come crashing down and shatter into bite-size pieces and then I’d munch away to my heart’s content. A kid’s got to do what a kid’s got to do!

When it comes to entertaining your kids this Easter, the Sapphire Coast in New South Wales is the ideal place to take a holiday. With an abundance of kid-friendly things to do, it's time for mums and dads to make accommodation bookings in readiness for some terrific fun and games.

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia IMG_0194_Merimbula
Merimbula Lake at low tide: Darren Stones

I’ve had Liz Swanton from Sapphire Coast Tourism on the case and she’s come up with some great Easter holiday ideas. “If your kids are captivated by critters, the Sapphire Coast offers fascination aplenty in the school holidays,” she said.

Liz says the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre at Eden is offering a tailored-to-you program of workshops themed ‘soft and squishy’, which is aimed at de-mystifying underwater creatures. For a group of four or more, the Centre will schedule a discovery session to fit your holiday timetable. Contact the Centre to book a time on phone: 02 6496 1699.

Marine Discovery Tour: Sapphire Coast Tourism

Liz also informs that platypus, snakes and koalas are among the subjects covered by the National Parks and Wildlife Service’s Discovery walks, talks and tours program. She suggests checking the Sapphire Coast website for more details and to book your adventure by calling 1300 361 606.

Here’s 10 more beaut ideas to add to your list:
  • The Bega Cheese Heritage Centre is worth a visit to taste the region’s award-winning cheeses and find out more about the history of the dairy industry. 
  • The Eden Killer Whale Museum is where you will discover the fascinating story of the whales that used to help the earliest settlers.
Eden Killer Whale Museum, Eden, New South Wales, Australia IMG_3723_Eden
Old Tom, Eden Killer Whale Museum: Darren Stones
Merimbula Wharf, Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia IMG_8218_Merimbula
Merimbula Wharf: Darren Stones
Mitchies Jetty, Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia IMG_7872_Merimbula
Mitchies Jetty, Merimbula: Darren Stones

The Visitor Information Centres on the Sapphire Coast are staffed by friendly locals who can assist you if you get stuck for further ideas. Some centres stock toys, and all have a large range of quality merchandise. For more information, check out the Sapphire Coast Tourism website.