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Sunday 25 January 2009

Darren Stones Newsletter - Feb 1, 2009

By Darren Stones

The Darren Stones Newsletter - Feb 1, 2009 has been compiled and it's available for viewing online in PDF format.

Included in the newsletter:

  • Travel article on Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia
  • Australian Travel Photography and Writing group news
  • Information about Picture Australia
  • RedBubble community ambassador
  • Flickr photography website information
  • Interview with Australian travel photographer Anne O'Connor

Darren Stones Newsletter Feb 1, 2009

The newsletter can be viewed by clicking the above link.

Torquay, lifesavers IMG_0956_Torquay
Torquay Lifesavers by Darren Stones
Featured on Picture Australia

Wednesday 21 January 2009

The bare essentials of Australian travel photography according to Anne O’Connor

By Darren Stones

Tasmanian photographer Anne O’Connor is highly regarded in Australian photographic circles for her photography skills and voluntary contributions to the Australian Photographic Society in which she’s been a member since 1996.

At the society’s annual convention – APSCON – held in Launceston during September 2008, Anne was awarded the FAPS and AFIAP photographic honours. Anne is delighted to have achieved her honours, and particularly more so due to not having to travel overseas to achieve it – she did so by photographing Australia.

Anne became a member of RedBubble in November 2008 and settled in seamlessly. Her contributions to the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group are high quality and have been well received by the RedBubble community. Anne’s shown a keenness to participate in the travel group’s activities, and it’s not surprising given that travel photography is one of her passions.

Anne O’Connor, 61, resides in South Launceston, Tasmania and was a social worker by profession. As time and finances permit, she travels to distant locations in Australia with husband Bill.

Recently, I had the pleasure to interview Anne, and it was interesting to learn not just of her antics, but how she is prepared to bare all in pursuit of her photography.

The bare essentials of Australian travel photography according to Anne O’Connor

The full transcript of my interview can be read on RedBubble at the above link.

RedBubble members to promote Australian travel and tourism

By Darren Stones

Members of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group will soon get the chance to have their work chosen to represent the group to Australia’s Tourism Minister, The Hon Martin Ferguson AM, MP.

The group will soon be conducting the challenge:

Australia – Our home is girt by sea

Successful group members will be rewarded for their efforts by sponsors. See challenge for details.

The initiative is created to inspire and reward RedBubble members, and to promote Australian travel and tourism.

The group is currently seeking creative photographers and writers.

Darren Stones
Australian Travel Photography and Writing group host

Tuesday 20 January 2009

Merimbula - pristine beaches and great climate

By Darren Stones

Located on the far south coast of New South Wales, Merimbula is a coastal town far enough from the big smoke to inspire hours of relaxation.

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia, lake IMG_2543_Merimbula_Lake
Merimbula Lake

Commence a stay by enjoying an ale or chardonnay whilst dining at one of the clubs or restaurants.

Merimbula is approximately 6 hours from Sydney, 7 hours from Melbourne and 3 hours from Canberra. Renowned for its fishing, sumptuous oysters and laid-back lifestyle, it’s a resort town catering to all budgets. Accommodation is varied with apartments and motels being popular amongst visitors.

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia, lake IMG_2670_Merimbula_Lake
Mitchies Jetty

With beaches suitable for surfing or those who have a young family, Merimbula provides them within easy reach. Designated walks offer gorgeous views of the lakes and meandering coastline.

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia, boardwalk IMG_2729_Merimbula_Boardwalk
Merimbula Boardwalk


Albacore Resort
Pelican Motor Inn


Merimbula RSL
Merimbula-Imlay Bowling Club


Merimbula Wharf and Aquarium

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia, Merimbula Wharf IMG_9919-01_Merimbula Wharf
Merimbula Wharf

Monday 12 January 2009

National Library Of Australia Picture Australia ‘Outstanding Contributor’ award winner for December 2008

By Darren Stones

What a thrill to be chosen by Ian Smith, Picture Australia Administrator, National Library of Australia, as the Picture Australia ‘Outstanding Contributor’ award winner for December 2008.

Picture Australia – News

My association with Picture Australia is via my Flickr photographic submissions to the Picture Australia: Ourtown group, and the Picture Australia: People, places and events group.

Torquay, lifesavers IMG_0956_Torquay
Torquay lifesavers by Darren Stones

Ian phoned me to inform of my selection as the contributor for December 2008, for which I'm most appreciative. Ian chose to feature my Torquay lifesavers image alongside the announcement. Thank you, Ian.

The Picture Australia website contains pictures of Australia’s past and present including: photographs, objects, maps and works of art. Well worth a look and I recommend bookmarking it.

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Australian Travel Photography and Writing group at RedBubble

By Darren Stones

On Sunday, December 28th, 2008, the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group was approved and launched at RedBubble.

The idea for the group was mine and it's one I'd been contemplating for 12 months before submitting my thorough application to RedBubble. Given my increasing knowledge in this field, I believe I can provide encouragement and inspiration to those who have an interest in this area.

After 11 days of the group being launched, there are 109 RedBubble accounts listed as members of the group. A healthy start I believe to what could prove to be a successful group.

There are literally tens of thousands of Australian travel photographs displayed on RedBubble, so, therein potentially lies an opportunity to market these works both within RedBubble and outside to a larger audience. I have made comments on various works and invited members to the group. The group is open to all RedBubble members.

I initiated the group's first challenge, which is currently underway, and it's titled: It's all about Australia. The challenge requires group members to submit one of their favourite photographs for voting. All RedBubble members will have an opportunity to vote on this challenge when entries close. Currently, 31 images have been submitted to the challenge.

The It's all about Australia challenge also provides an opportunity for writers to participate. The challenge requires writers to write a poem to a specific theme. The theme I chose is designed to inspire writers to highlight the effects of drought in Australia. To date, we've received two entries for the writing challenge. I'll be judging the winner of the writing section of the challenge.

The photography and writing challenges are both sponsored by anonymous sponsors.

The Australian Travel and Writing group at Redbubble is hosted by me, the Australian Photographers Alliance and the dedicated Australian Travel Photography and Writing group account. The three accounts are administered by me.

As time permits, I'll be approaching group members for an interview, and if they agree, I'll be publishing the interviews in my journal at RedBubble. The interviews will be Q & A style due to my work, study and personal commitments. I believe this style of interviewing is suitable to the RedBubble membership, given the way the site is operated and how members use the site. My judgement is based on being a member there since March 2007.

The group has dedicated forums, which I've developed, and accepts suitable photographs, journals and writing.

The Australian Travel Writing and Photography group.