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Wednesday 2 June 2010

Discover Australia magazine Issue 2, June 2010

By Darren Stones

Issue 2 of Discover Australia magazine is available for viewing online in full screen format, can be downloaded as a PDF to your computer, can be printed, and shared.

In this quarterly issue, I've been interviewed by freelance writer and photographer, Sonia Ellem, who gets to the bottom of how I tick. It's an in-depth article which covers many aspects of my 43 years. Being a school jester, a painter and decorator for 24 years, changing careers mid-life, suffering depression, my love life, most embarrassing moment, my travels, and a quite a lot more. There's also a few fun photos included. It's Darren Stones, uncensored.

Discover Australia magazine Issue 2, June 2010

As the Journalist for Discover Australia, I've contributed my regular From the journo's desk column which outlines: the success of Issue 1 of Discover Australia; provides advice about travel writing and photography courses; and how the removal of entry fees to Australia's National Parks could have a positive impact on the health of Australians and the tourism industry.

I've also had the pleasure to contribute the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group's What's happening page which details: the growth of the group; sponsorship opportunites; what people are saying about the group; group promotion activities; and information about the Time To Go Touring travel writing and photography competition which I devised, administered, judged and sponsored.

My regular Travel Bites column this issue features events and places from all round Australia. From visiting Uluru in the Northern Territory, listening to politicians waffling at Parliament House Canberra, playing golf at Coober Pedy in outback South Australia, hand-feeding bottlenose dolphins at Monkey Mia in Western Australia, the Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts at Grenfell New South Wales, the Hervey Bay Whale Festival in Queensland, Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania, and visiting Torquay on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. My images are featured in the column, plus images supplied to me by the Northern Territory, Tasmania, and South Australia tourism image libraries.

I trust you enjoy reading Discover Australia magazine Issue 2, June 2010. Your feedback is most welcome. Suggestions are also welcomed.

If you have Australian tourism or travel related news you'd like considered for inclusion in my Travel Bites column, please contact me by email:

Darren Stones
Journalist, Discover Australia magazine