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Sunday, 26 February 2006

Torquay Lifesavers

Torquay Lifesavers
Canon 20D 70-200mm f/4L

Look at the strain on the faces of these young men as they go about their training as lifesavers.

The chap steering the boat is of a slightly more mature vintage, however I'm sure he's been in the situation of having done the hard yakka of rowing one of these boats in days gone by.

Lifesavers have a very responsible role in Australia and it's in holiday times that their expertise is called upon most, as many people flock to the beach. Beach goers can suddenly find themselves in difficulty due to the dangerous currents and rips that can make swimming hazardous.

For your own safety and to make the job of the lifesaver easier, it's best to swim between the flags.


  1. Looks like a bumpy ride for these guys.They had better fasten their safety belts...

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog Marlo.

    a bumpy ride it certainly is and with the pounding waves it's not unusual for these boats to tip over.


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