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Sunday, 12 March 2006

Apollo Bay Community Market

I suppose most of us at one time or another have visited a community market but how many of us have actually set ourselves the task of photographing one?

Canon 20D 70-200mm f/4L

The coastal town of Apollo Bay, located on the world famous Great Ocean Road in Victoria, holds its local community market each Saturday between 9am-1pm on the foreshore.

Having never attempted this previously, I set myself the challenge to photograph the market on Saturday 3rd March 2006. What was I going to photograph? The people, the produce, the craft, the art?

Canon 20D 70-200mm f/4L

I came to the realisation very quickly that the best images would more than likely be captured with my 70-200mm lens due to the contrasty light conditions.

The market was a hive of activity from opening time with most buyers undoubtedly looking for bargains. The sellers displaying their goods were desperately keen to make a sale.

Canon 20D 70-200mm f/4L

There was a musician playing a flute, a photographer selling her images, a masseur providing a relaxing massage for a customer, kids drinking from the water fountain as many customers were browsing and leaving with their purchase.

Canon 20D 70-200mm f/4L

Ladies were the keenest shoppers with their senses being most attracted to the various creams and lotions on offer. Samples were being offered which in most cases lead to a sale. The vendor was smiling.

Canon 20D 70-200mm f/4L

The locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables were also in keen demand with buyers.

Canon 20D 70-200 f/4L

So, if you're ever in Apollo Bay on a Saturday morning and have your camera at the ready, visit the local community market and capture some images of a very popular attraction.


Excellent accommodation can be found at the Best Western Apollo Bay Motel at No: 2 Moore Street Apollo Bay. Phone: 03 5237 7577.

The Apollo Bay Hotel has a newly renovated bistro serving sumptuous meals at very reasonable prices. An extensive wine list, encompassing reds and whites, is displayed on a chalk board above the main bar area in the bistro .

Darren Stones


  1. Great assortment of various produce captured well to stimulate the senses

  2. Good article Darren. Your photos have brought your story to life. Keep up the good work and all the best.

  3. Thanks very much for the encouraging words anon and Peter.
    Thoroughly enjoying my Freelance Travel Writing and Photography course and being able to develop my writing skills and display my photos on my blog.
    You're most welcome to drop by any time. Cheers.

  4. Hello Darren,
    Markets are a photographers dream or nightmare, depending on how you go about getting co-operation. Am I right ??
    You have captured how people are focused on experiencing the product.
    The photograph of the carrots with the natural lighting focused on the foreground bunch, is a good indicator of your attention to detail, and being able to strike when the occasion presents itself.
    As you would probably be aware Darren, a good shot is hard to come by.
    Keep up the variety. Cheerio Trisha

  5. Hi Trisha.

    It's interesting you mention cooperation at markets.

    My experiences have been pleasurable to date and I've found people very willing to be involved in the taking of photographs. I suppose stallholders see it as a benefit to them as it provides an opportunity for them to become part of a published article. Good for business as they say!

    Capturing the comings and goings of people in a market atmosphere is an evolving one during a photographic shoot. It's the people who bring a market to life and to capture images that portray this, is all part of the task of a Freelance Travel Photojournalist.

    The photograph of the carrots is one I'm quite pleased with and thanks for your generous comment.

    As I was moving around the market the shafts of sunlight beaming through the trees were always shifting. The spotlight effect on the carrots was there for only a moment.

    Trisha, your contribution is much appreciated and all the best to you. I'm glad you enjoyed the article and that it gave you a few ideas.


  6. Nice work Darren.. your blog is great. The photos from the markets are really well done! Looks like your course is going well, as the information you've also put on the blog is fantastic.


  7. Hi Kelly.

    Thanks for your very kind words and encouragement.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the market project recently and the photos I captured seem to be popular, which is very pleasing.

    The course I'm doing is going very well and have to say my tutor is is a most encouraging chap.

    I'm continually researching so as to keep my blog up to date with interesting and relevant information. Entertaining and informing people is what it's all about I suppose, and if I can achieve a part in that I'll be most satisfied.

    You're most welcome to drop by anytime and have a look around and comment if you so wish.

    Thanks so much for your participation and all the best.



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