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Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Hervey Bay - Humpback whale slideshow

By Darren Stones - PhotoJour

Have you ever seen the slap of a humpback whale's pectoral fin? What about a stunning humpback tail slap? How about a dramatic breach from these massive mammals?
Well if you haven't, then get up close and personal for an experience you will cherish forever.

If you book a half-day whale watching trip with the Spirit of Hervey Bay you'll be amazed at what transpires right before your eyes. The manouvres these creatures from the deep perform are to be experienced at least once in your lifetime.

I've prepared a humpback whale slideshow, as a result of my journey, which encapsulates a half-day trip of whale watching on the glorious waters of Hervey Bay in Queensland, Australia.

Please bear in mind this is a low resolution version for web viewing. It may well be enough to tempt you to take the plunge and book a trip.

Your comments regarding my slideshow will be most appreciated.

For more information regarding the Spirit of Hervey Bay and the various packages they offer, you can contact their friendly staff on:
1800 642 544.

Spirit of Hervey Bay website


  1. Great photojournal approach to the slideshow Darren. Excellent photography

    The images tell a thousand words.

    I really find the animated fin flapping a rel treat.

    A great documentary Darren well done

  2. Enjoyed the slideshow Darren.
    This is the first time that I have seen barnacles on the whales, making the show a rarity.
    The whales appear to be puting on a show for the camera, is this the case Darren ?
    Loved your entry into the slideshow, and the final sunset to mark the ending. Great doco.

  3. Hi Darren I followed the comments on the Aps forum by the moderator to the link on your Blog site of your a/v the Spirit of Herbey Bay

    I an new to making them, after doing a workshop at Apscon, I decided to try one.

    Would you mind telling me what was the average size of your files for the a/v..technical stuff is not my strong point...I asked this question here as I dont think the fourms are very busy, and didnt know how often you visted them, thanks

    p.s. I think your a/v is super... Pat

  4. Hi Pat.

    Thanks very much for your generous comments regarding my whale watching slideshow.

    It's great to see fellow Australian Photoraphic Society members having a look at my AV and passing on their positive comments.

    Each image I prepared for my slideshow was 1024x683 pixels with the largest image being under 400kb. I produced the show using the ProShow Gold program which is very easy to work with, once you know the ropes.

    Good to hear that APSCON went well this year. Seemed like a very comprehensive program that was offered and having an AV workshop augurs well for the future. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to make it due to having a few other things on my plate.

    Pat, I'd say the forums will now be an ideal place to ask relevant AV questions, due to Phillipa taking on the role as moderator of the AV Forum. She is a conscientious member of the society and no doubt will do her utmost to provide answers to any member via the forums. There are a few us active on the forums who can provide assistance to fellow members.

    Hope that answers your query, Pat, and good luck with your audio visual productions.

    Pat, you're welcome to make contact with me if you need any further help.

    Best regards



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