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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Professional Freelance Journalism - the journey has begun.

By Darren Stones.
Hi friends.

Some of you may be aware I recently enrolled in the Thomson Education Direct Professional Freelance Journalism correspondence course under the tutelage of, Simon Townsend.

I’ve completed the first of 16 assignments for the course and received my grading for it. I achieved an A Grade, and that surpasses my expectations.

Simon has provided me with an enormous amount of information and advice in his first correspondence, and he goes on to state “email me 10 times a day if you wish (I’m not kidding).”

One of the reasons I enrolled in this course was to tap into the knowledge and experience of Simon. He’s been there – done that, in Australia, and done it successfully for over four decades. He comes across as a passionate man and one who is willing to share his vast knowledge.

To those who have assisted me in recent times – a big thanks.

I’ll continue to do my best to promote as time permits, due to my new and exciting direction.

Also, a special mention to my sponsors for the course. Thank you for your support.

Cheers and happy days folks.

Cattle Drive: The Henry Lawson Way, New South Wales, Australia.

Picture: Darren Stones

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