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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Dazza's Australiana Limerick Collection

By Darren Stones

I'm putting together a collection of Australiana limericks which I look forward to publishing down the track.

Here's a small sample:


Shearin' sheep around there in Hay
In the heat for two bob a day
The lads get all sweaty
And think of confetti
Just in case their minds go astray


The wharf at Tathra gets laden
With blokes who leave home their maiden
They go there to fish
And not to clean dish
Suspect it’s the fish shop they’ll be raidin’


For colours that are a delight
In autumn you must visit Bright
For the young and the old
It can get a bit cold
You’ll be amazed at the glorious sight


It’s such a long way to Cobar
I’ve been there and travelled by car
Met up with my mate
Was all just darn fate
And we both headed straight to the bar

A larger sample of the collection can be found at RedBubble.

Dazza's Australiana Limerick Collection here

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