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Monday, 3 August 2009

Junee, New South Wales

By Darren Stones

When I think of Junee, I think of the railway station. Things seem to move at a slower pace in Junee and that suits me fine. The friendly station master at the station said: “Nothing moves fast around here mate and there’s not much to do. If you like railway stations and trains, then you’ve come to the right place.” She’s right!

The Countrylink XPT service passes through here as it travels between Sydney and Melbourne. Nice blue trains that go quite fast – unlike the locals who seem to have time on their hands. Even the dogs walk slow.

If you like old buildings with exceptionally wide verandahs, come to Junee! There’s also a brilliant cafe`, which name escapes me, and a newsagency that occupies prime land. Other stuff here, too, like the Junee Correctional Centre which accommodates those rascals who haven’t paid their parking fines.

Rugby League star Laurie Daley – he with the big snoz – was born in Junee, so that’s testimony to good minerals in the local water.

Also, if you like your choo-choo trains take a peek at the Junee Roundhouse Rail & Transport Museum.

Junee Railway Station, New South Wales, Australia IMG_4451_Junee

Junee Railway Station, New South Wales, Australia IMG_4452-1_Junee

Junee Railway Station, New South Wales, Australia IMG_4463_Junee

Junee, New South Wales, Australia IMG_4467_Junee

Junee, New South Wales, Australia IMG_4468_Junee

Things to do:

Junee Roundhouse Museum
Harold Street
Junee NSW 2663
Phone: (02) 6924 2909

Junee Railway Station
Single Platform
Altitude 301 metres
You can’t miss it

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