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Monday, 19 October 2009

Charity initiative in aid of Aussie Helpers

By Darren Stones

As host of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group, I've launched a charity initiative in aid of the Australian charity, Aussie Helpers.

Members of our 521-strong group are now taking an active role in donating their own 2010 RedBubble manufactured calendars and other gifts. The pledges are rolling in, and it's heartening to see such generosity emanating from the group I originated in December 2008.

Today, I've received a generous pledge from New South Wales musician, Tania Rose, of 30 CD's for the charity. Tania's pledge has brought a sweet sound to the initiative and will be a great boost to the package I send to Aussie Helpers.

After approaching RedBubble with the idea, they were most willing to become a supporter. They are providing free shipping of all calendars, and are donating the shipping cost for the package I'll be sending to Aussie Helpers.

To learn more about this charity initiative in aid of Aussie Helpers, see the following link for information and how to donate: Donate your calendar to Aussie Helpers

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