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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Current progress with the Diploma of Editing (Publishing)

By Darren Stones

In August 2010 I enrolled in the National Editor course with Australian College QED. The course is part of the Nationally Recognised Training framework and on completion I will be awarded a Diploma of Editing (Publishing).

My purpose for undertaking this course is to increase my skill levels in the publishing industry because I'm on the verge of commencing a book. By commencing a book I mean to undertake strategic planning whereby making it profitable. I'm currently in search of a small business specialist to assist me in developing a comprehensive business plan for the publication.

I have the concept of the book firmly etched in my mind and believe there is a growing market for the style of publication I wish to write and publish. I'm looking to make it an interactive publication where readers become inspired to improve their life. I suspect the publication will see me travelling to various parts of Australia due to wanting to meet people.

To date I've completed six assignments in the course and I'm pleased with the grades I'm achieving. The course material is well presented and the feedback from my tutor Leila Kertesz is informative and encouraging.

My strategy is to complete (on average) one assignment per month as I find this to be a reasonable balance with other commitments I have. As a correspondence course, the benefit is that I can dedicate study time to suit my lifestyle.

Here's a list of the six modules I've completed, along with the grades achieved.


Develop and Apply Knowledge of Editing in the Publishing Industry
Completed 08 Oct 2010
Result: Distinction

Edit Copy
Completed 03 Nov 2010
Result: High Distinction

Develop Knowledge of Typography, Illustration and Design for Editing I
Completed 20 Jan 2011
Result: Distinction

Edit Non-Print Media
Completed 20 Jan 2011
Result: High Distinction

Apply Knowledge of Law and Ethics for Editors and Publishers
Completed 20 Jan 2011
Result: High Distinction

Edit for Major Sectors of the Publishing Industry I
Completed 07 Feb 2011
Result: Distinction

I'm currently working my way through module seven which is Develop Knowledge of Structural Editing I and I'm well into the assignment.


  1. Well done on the progress so far - impressive results :)
    Wonder how I would go at studying these days...

  2. Great job Darren. You always excel at these courses. I recently looked up the course and am considering taking this too. Im sure it will help with my magazine publishing and editing.
    Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the course goes for you. How long do you have to complete it? A year or two?

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Daniel. :)

    Hi Rowena,

    Thanks. I'm looking to complete this course by the end of 2012 ... fingers crossed. I have three years to complete it, but want to do so within an 18-month time-frame. I'm finding it very challenging to date.

    I'm doing the course because I want to self-publish a self-help book in a few years time. I've just begun writing the book in my spare time and have recently entered into discussions with a professional business and marketing expert to assist me in developing a comprehensive business plan for the project so I can make it profitable.

    To date, I'm finding the course suitable to my needs. The material is well presented and the assignments are easy to comprehend.

    So far, I'd recommend it given what I've encountered.



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