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Friday, 16 November 2012

What to look for when employing mature-aged job seekers

By Darren Stones

In a world where the workforce is having to continually adapt to change, it's imperative to consider employing experienced people who have a breadth of knowledge and skills that can be drawn upon by younger people within a business or company. By doing so, positive action can be taken to building a rounded team where ideas are shared for the betterment of the business or company and their clients.

Mature-aged job seekers who may be experiencing unforeseen circumstances where they now need to find alternative employment, can bring their life experiences and talents to a new work environment and positively contribute to increased sales, performance and reputation.

Australia is currently going through a workforce transition where thousands of manufacturing and media positions are being made redundant, so this presents exciting opportunities for those who want to change career and possibly enrol in some form of course or training.

There are numerous benefits to employing mature-aged staff into positions where the clients of a business may prefer to engage with people of similar age. This is something that employers need to consider because it can lead to word-of-mouth referrals and increased sales.

Mature-aged job seekers will most likely have a sound background in volunteering and contributing in some way to the community. Regard this highly because it is a clear indication that they are willing to make a positive difference for others.

Life achievements, awards, and continued learning are also factors to consider as these demonstrate active participation and initiative.

Consider these key characteristics and qualities when looking to employ mature-aged people:
  • Life experience  
  • Gained knowledge and skills through work and study
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Willingness to promote the business or company they work for via word-of-mouth
  • Voluntary contributions to the community
  • Achievements and awards 
  • Continued learning
I am happy to know your views about this topic and invite your comments.

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