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Monday 26 January 2015

How hope can become your reality

By Darren Stones

How do you feel when you're considering a new aim whereby potentially making your life more fulfilling? When was the last time you were so passionate about something you wanted to achieve?

Belief and spirit
Hope is a belief and it can be a motivating force in driving us towards achieving our goals. Hope is also a belief that can lift our spirits when we're experiencing challenging times.

Goals provide motivation
Let's contemplate these goals where hope can provide motivation:
  • A new and rewarding job role
  • Achieving an offer from a university to study a program
  • Beginning a family
  • Planning a holiday with a partner
  • Increasing the circle of friends
  • Purchasing a new or used car
  • Upgrading clothing and shoes
  • Gaining physical strength and developing increased fitness
  • Choosing and eating healthier foods
  • Ceasing or lessening alcohol consumption
  • Reading more self-help and personal development books

Increase confidence
By commencing the journey to pursue some of these goals, we can begin to experience positive feelings and enhance our wellbeing. The tangible results could soon be a healthier lifestyle and increased level of confidence.

Select achievable goals
If we select a couple of achievable goals and begin taking action, we will move from the hope stage to feeling a sense accomplishment. Each step we take is a small measure of progress, and the more steps we take, the further along the path we are towards achieving our aims.

Contemplate, plan, take action
Be a strong believer in hope. Contemplate and plan, and then take action so your hopes can become your reality.

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