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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

My sales agent -

By Darren Stones - Freelance Photojournalist

Decorating your walls with ready-to-hang framed and mounted photographs, has become easier by purchasing via my online sales agent -

'Little Dromedary' by Darren Stones

From the comfort of your home or work office computer, you can view photographs, and select the size, framing style and mounting that suits your decor, budget and space.

'Beaumaris Bay'

I’m pleased to announce an alliance with Melbourne-based company RedBubble as a supplier of my photographs.

Product range available for purchase:

RedBubble are my online sales agent and I’m satisfied with the user-friendly transaction method they have implemented for purchasing.

An online portfolio of my photographs has been established on the RedBubble web site and this collection will be progressively added to.

Portfolio Of Photographs For Sale

In recognition of my association with RedBubble, I was selected as a featured artist, and have had many photographs featured on their homepage since becoming a sales partner.

'The Twelve Apostles'

Upon browsing through my portfolio; if you recognise a photograph that rekindles a memory from a holiday, or see one that would blend in with your decor, then consider the range on offer and make a purchase.

Decorate your home or work environment with stylish photographs by a professional photographer.

Include my portfolio page in your favourites, and return from time to time to view new works added to the collection.

'Hervey Bay'

About RedBubble - My Sales Agent

If you require more information regarding a purchase from RedBubble, please contact me by email.

Decorate your home, office and workplace with stylish photographs.

Enjoy browsing and happy purchasing.

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