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Saturday, 24 May 2008

'Dog Rocks' wins at the Henry Lawson Festival of Arts photography competition

By Darren Stones

The upcoming 51st Grenfell Henry Lawson Festival of Arts will be held Thursday 5th June to Monday 9th June, 2008.

Some good news on a personal level is that my image Dog Rocks has been judged the Best Photograph Of The Exhibition in the photography competition. The award to be presented is a bronze statuette which has been sculptured by Michael Mandelc, and it depicts Henry Lawson’s “The Drover’s Wife”.

Dog Rocks also won the Open Colour section of the competition.

I’ve been kindly invited by Tim Wood, coordinator of the photography competition, to attend the Awards Dinner at Grenfell on Saturday 7 June, 2008 6:30PM to receive the award.

There is a distinct connection with Redbubble regarding this achievement. Hop Dac, RB staff member, posted a topic in the main forum informing members of this competition. It was there I became aware of the competition, and I thank Hop for doing so.

Upon deciding to enter, I ordered six Redbubble matted prints specifically for the competition. I wrote a journal regarding the quality of the matted prints on April 19, 2008 and it can be found here.

I’m pleased to say that Redbubble and its community have played a significant role regarding this achievement and I highly value the continued encouragement given by Peter Styles, Redbubble staff and Redbubble members.

The achievement is dedicated to my mate Joe Mortelliti, for it was because of him that Dog Rocks was photographed on August 25, 2007.

Special thanks to my family for their continued support.

Folks, enjoy your creative pursuits.

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  1. Great shot should do well in any international photo competition


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