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Friday, 7 November 2008

Parwan is parched

By Darren Stones

Statistics from Melbourne Water reveal drought-stricken Parwan has received nearly 50% less rainfall compared to the same time last year.


Empty dam

Recorded rainfall at Parwon Parwan Creek for the year to date – 6 November 2008 – was 163.20mm. This compares to 320.20mm in 2007.


Sheep skull

A farm property on the Bacchus Marsh-Geelong Road at Parwan is abandoned with its dam devoid of water, and many dams on nearby farm properties are also empty.


Loading the sheep

Any sheep that remain on properties have little to no pasture to graze on and the lack of rain and dam water is now causing farmers to move stock to other properties, or sell them to market before the summer heat arrives.

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