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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Beechworth – worth its weight in gold

By Darren Stones

In the foothills of the Victorian Alps, Beechworth is a sight to behold in autumn. With tree lined streets ablaze with colour and a lolly shop to satisfy the choosiest of sweet tooth’s, pack up the car and spend a few days exploring its history.

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, Loch Street, autumn IMG_9945_Beechworth_Loch_Street
Loch Street, Beechworth

Beechworth was the town where Ned Kelly won a bare knuckled boxing match which lasted 20 rounds. Today, visitors can experience the one hour Ned Kelly Guided Walking tour that departs from the Beechworth Visitor Information Centre in Ford Street.

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, Ford Street, autumn IMG_9901_Beechworth
Ford Street, Beechworth

Fancy a pie or a coffee and cake? The Beechworth Bakery is a magnet for those with the munchies. The original single storey bakery was erected in 1857, and since then it’s been added to and undergone numerous renovations.

Beechworth, Victoria, australia, bakery, Camp Street IMG_9997_Beechworth
Beechworth Bakery, Beechworth

With fancy street lights and architecture of a bygone gold-mining era, Beechworth is a town that has retained its charm. The Post Office and former Bank of Victoria are two fine buildings which attract the eye at the intersection of Ford and Camp Streets.

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, bank IMG_9968_Beechworth
Former State Bank of Victoria, Beechworth

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, Post Office IMG_9910_Beechworth_Post_Office
Post Office, Beechworth

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, Corner Ford and Camp Street, autumn IMG_9981_Beechworth
Intersection of Ford and Camp Streets, Beechworth

The historic and cultural precinct features buildings such as the Gold Warden’s Office and Bush Telegraph Station. Most buildings in the precinct are open for inspection. Check for opening hours.

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, Gold Warden's Office IMG_9969_Beechworth_Gold_Warden's_Office
Gold Warden's Office, Beechworth

A late afternoon stroll can be taken along the shore of Lake Sambell and a picnic area with gas BBQs is located by the lake in the Rotary Park.

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, Lake Sambell IMG_0119_Beechworth_Lake_Sambell
Lake Sambell, Beechworth

Spring Creek and the Gorge Scenic Drive are a must. Within a short distance from the town centre, there are waterfalls and rugged granite outcrops.

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, waterfall IMG_0078_Beechworth_Spring_Creek
Spring Creek, Beechworth

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Beechworth Visitor Information Centre
Town Hall
Ford Street Beechworth VIC
Phone: 03 5728 8065


Beechworth Bakery
27 Camp Street Beechworth VIC
Phone: 03 5728 1132

The Beechworth Sweet Company
7 Camp Street Beechworth VIC
Phone: 03 5728 2060


Beechworth Motor Inn
54 Sydney Road Beechworth VIC
Phone: 03 5728 1301
Proprietors: Robert and Jenelle Ransom


Tanswells Commercial Hotel – opened 1853
50 Ford Street Beechworth VIC
Phone: 03 5728 1480

Hibernian Hotel – established 1868
40 Camp Street Beechworth VIC
Phone: 03 5728 2028

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