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Monday, 9 March 2009

Wherefore art thou Omeo?

By Darren Stones

Located on the Great Alpine Road in Victoria, Omeo is a town where fresh mountain air and picture-perfect scenery are just two of the town’s attractions.

Omeo countryside

The Oriental Claims Historic Area is ideal for those who like to fossick, discover small particles of gold and stretch their legs. With walking tracks and a picnic area, it’s ideal for a short trip from Omeo.

Omeo Post Office

The Historic Museum encapsulates Omeo’s past. Browse through the artefacts, the courthouse and outbuildings of a bygone era.

Omeo village

For a meal, and a beverage or three, try the Hilltop Hotel adjacent to the Omeo Motel. It’s a short staggering distance between the two establishments and therefore perfectly located. The locals in the pub might look rough round the edges, but they are friendly and they’ll say “G’day” with a smile.

Rolling hills and landscape

Omeo Motel
43 Park Street Omeo VIC
Phone: 03 5159 1297

Oriental Claims Historic Area

Omeo Historic Park & Museum
Great Alpine Road Omeo VIC
Phone: 03 5159 1515

Hilltop Hotel
107 Day Street Omeo VIC
Phone: 03 5159 1303

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