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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Interviewee wanted - an Australian travel photographer who has been diagnosed with depression

By Darren Stones

I’m seeking an interviewee to take part in a special interview. The type of person I’d like to interview must be an Australian travel photographer who has been diagnosed with depression by a General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, or Psychologist.

Here is the criteria I’m seeking in the person I wish to interview:
  • An active professional, semi-professional or enthusiast Australian travel photographer
  • Willing to share their personal experiences about depression with the general public
  • Willing to have their story published
  • Willing to share and give permission to use selected travel photographs and a current photo of themself for publishing
  • Willing to share their Australian travel photography experiences
  • Willing to provide travel photography advice
  • Must have good knowledge of the beyondblue website

The objectives of the interview are to promote the photographer, showcase their travel photography, allow him or her to tell their story about depression, raise awareness of mental health issues amongst the general public, and inform the public of the role that beyondblue plays in the Australian community.

Travel photography is a tremendous creative outlet for many Australians. I’d like to make the Australian public more aware of the positive aspects of participating in travel photography, dealing with depression, and promoting the good work of beyondblue.

If you fit the criteria, or would like more information, please contact me by email no later than Sunday August 1, 2010 9am.

You can read about my involvement with beyondblue here.

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