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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nature scenes from the Sapphire Coast

By Darren Stones

The Sapphire Coast in New South Wales remains a pristine environment. It's a popular holiday region which attracts nature lovers who like to get away from it all and enjoy walking along the beach and exploring some unique natural features.

During my most recent trip to the Sapphire Coast, I photographed The Pinnacles in the Ben Boyd National Park, Middle Beach at Merimbula, and Bournda Lagoon in the Bournda National Park. These areas are a great place to unwind and get back to nature.

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Sapphire Coast Online Gallery

The Pinnacles, Ben Boyd National Park IMG_7657_Ben_Boyd_National_Park
The Pinnacles
Photo: Darren Stones

Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia IMG_7417_Merimbula
Middle Beach, Merimbula
Photo: Darren Stones

Bournda Lagoon, Bournda National Park, New South Wales, Australia IMG_7440_Bournda_National_Park
Bournda Lagoon
Photo: Darren Stones

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  1. Wow… Pics are pretty awesome. Sapphire coast is a popular holiday region that attracts more tourists. You can travel here at any season as the climate is mild throughout the year. Fabulous Post!


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