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Friday, 14 September 2012

Awards achieved during September 2012 at Essendon Camera Club

By Darren Stones

Essendon Camera Club conducted its monthly photography competition for September on Monday 10 September, 2012, and as a member, it was great to be able to participate in the Open Digital Projected Image and Set Subject Projected Image categories.

In the Open Digital Projected Image category, I was awarded a Highly Commended for my photograph Australian War Memorial, and I achieved a Highly Commended for Cunningham Pier.

Canberra, Australian War Memorial IMG_8699_Australian_War_Memorial
Australian War Memorial
Highly Commended
September 2012 Open Digital Projected Image Category
Essendon Camera Club

Cunningham Pier, Geelong, Victoria, Australia IMG_2410_Geelong
Cunningham Pier
Highly Commended
September 2012 Open Digital Projected Image Category
Essendon Camera Club

In the Set Subject category titled "Slow Shutter Speed", I was awarded with a Highly commended for Eden Seaside Pool.

Eden, New South Wales, Australia, Rock Pool IMG_9535-01_Eden
Eden Seaside Pool
Highly Commended
September 2012 Set Subject Projected Image Category
Essendon Camera Club

My gratitude to guest judge Jim Weatherill for the recognition, and to our club committee for conducting the competition.

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