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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Injecting fun into your photography

By Darren Stones

Got a Smartphone that can take photographs? Well, if you do, then you could have some great fun with your photography. Let's for a moment leave the serious side of photography aside and consider how much of a great time we can have taking photos and sharing them purely for the sake of fun.

Darren being photobombed by Bronwyn at Main Beach, Merimbula

Selfies or self-taken group shots are all the rage and I can see why. The fun you can have creating them can inspire creativity and get you involved in photography in a way that isn't serious. I can appreciate how some people may be hesitant to share selfies, however if you're sensible and confident within yourself then give it a go and maybe include a few words to accompany the images.

Darren enjoying the sunshine at Main Beach, Merimbula

When out and about, I enjoy taking a few shots with my iPhone and sharing them on Facebook. In a world where there's more than enough judgemental behaviour, I believe we can be a little less serious and believe in ourselves to the point where photographing ourselves can help lift us and inspire us to better things.

Darren laying back and enjoying the view at Short Point, Merimbula

Photography is a great way to capture memorable moments, and it's the fun aspect that can help cement those memorable moments. Whether it's with family, friends, team mates, whatever, get your phone out and use it in a way where you can simply have fun.

Darren demolishing a rum and raisin ice cream at Central Tilba

As someone who enjoys the serious side of photography, I really enjoy using my phone camera in a way that gives me pleasure. So get out there and have fun with your camera, and share those images in a way where you feel good and satisfied.

Darren in costume as a volunteer for the Young Carers Rock Trivia Night at the Northland Youth Centre in Preston

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