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Friday, 3 January 2014

The importance of creating and sharing activities

By Darren Stones

Okay, I admit it. I love a latte. And I enjoy sharing it in the company of family and friends. Recently I've been photographing my coffees with my iPhone for the sake of fun and creating memories. Sharing a coffee with people is an important part of being social and for me it's become an integral part of my life.

The Coffee Club at Highpoint Shopping Centre
Photo: Darren Stones

McCafe at McDonalds Niddrie
Photo: Darren Stones

When we spend time sharing a coffee, we create an opportunity to interact with people and share experiences. I believe it's a healthy activity because it provides us with meaningful opportunities to connect with people and further develop friendships.

Dairy Queen in Glenroy
Photo: Darren Stones

In my role as a volunteer where I provide 1:1 social and recreational support via Merri Community Health Services, I visit cafes for coffee and use this method as a way creating a relaxed atmosphere where friendly conversation can flow.

Donut King at Broadmeadows Shopping Centre
Photo: Darren Stones
So when going for coffee, think about the positive aspects of engaging in conversations and how it can be a way for deepening connections with family and friends. Enjoy!

Sharing Activities
Photo: Darren Stones

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