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Monday, 22 December 2014

Choose to invest in yourself

By Darren Stones

Consider that you have the power to choose to invest in yourself when you want to live your life to its fullest.
  1. Consider who it is you want to be serving and engage in education, volunteering and work that leads you to achieving such.
  2. Read articles and books that provide information, guidance and insights regarding the people you want to serve.
  3. Research on the Internet about those people who are currently working in roles that interest you. Analyse their work, volunteering and education experiences.
  4. Connect with people who you can meet face-to-face with so you can talk about life in general. Share experiences and discuss your dreams. Talk about family, work, education, current affairs, fashion, music, food, etc. Connect respectfully and build the connection to a point where you trust each other.
  5. Take time to get away from it all. Make this a commitment to yourself and consider it as a health priority. By getting away, you can find space for reflection from a distance. It is when you step back that you can see the bigger picture. This is an opportunity to realign your thoughts and refresh your thinking.

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