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Monday, 22 December 2014

Our young people need us

By Darren Stones

We need to be mindful of constantly encouraging and supporting young people to be actively involved in our community.

We need to message them, chat to them, call them, see them, and tell them how good they are at doing what they do. If we can all do this with at least one young person in our life, we can all make a positive difference in that young person's life.

We need to pass on the baton by demonstrating how much we care about our young people. We need to show them how much we care about them and do our best to provide new opportunities for them.

We need to do the little things with and for them so we can develop a respectful bond that sees us all in the community gaining from the experience.

Our young people are our future. We need to nurture them and provide them with opportunities to shine like rising stars. We need to show them we care about them, so they can go on into adulthood to pass on the baton. We owe it to them and to ourselves.


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