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Friday, 15 January 2010

Discover Australia e-magazine Issue #1 progress report

By Darren Stones

Issue #1 of Discover Australia e-magazine is due late February 2010 and it will be the official publication of the Australian Travel Photography and Writing group. My responsibilities encompass the role of the publication's Journalist, and I'm an integral part of the Editorial Team.

In recent weeks I've been compiling a wide variety of articles for the publication. They include: a group promotion page encompassing group activities, testimonial, and photography competition; an interview piece; an editorial; a travel photography advice article; and the Travel Bites column which encompasses events and interesting places to visit in each state and territory of Australia. I may have another piece or two to submit yet.

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, Urangan Pier IMG_4593_Hervey_Bay
Urangan Pier, Hervey Bay, Queensland
Photo: Darren Stones

A steady stream of articles is being submitted by group members, and competition entries for the Discover Australia's Best Shot competition are being received. Issue #1 is shaping up okay, and I'm finding it an enjoyable experience to be part of.

I believe the publication will be entertaining and informative, with something for everyone. As each issue is released, I trust that improvements will be made and the quality will improve. The objective is to produce a high quality publication that will gain a large readership.

Australians love to travel, and they appreciate up-to-date and relevant travel and tourism information. They also enjoy a good tale, and are grateful for advice which assists them to improve their photography skills. I'm endeavouring to see that Discover Australia is a publication that gains widespread attention and leads to serious writing and photography opportunities.

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