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Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Long Paddock - Hay Plains

By Darren Stones

Hay, New South Wales, Australia, The Long Paddock  IMG_5944_Hay

Title: The Long Paddock – Hay Plains
Photographer: Darren Stones
Location: 35kms north of Hay, Cobb Hwy, NSW, Australia
Date and time: Tuesday 11 August, 2009. 4:18 PM.

“There’s bugger all out here folks, and when it comes to finding interesting subject matter to photograph, you have to use your imagination. This leaning road marker is located on the tourist route known as The Long Paddock, 35kms north of Hay in outback New South Wales. You can travel for miles out here and find photographic inspiration hard to come by. However, with clouds floating across, nice afternoon light, and the leading line of the Cobb Highway, anything’s possible. When I was taking this photograph, the missus was having a doze in the car because she thought the area wasn’t worth fossicking. That said, I’ll be back.” – Darren Stones

Series: In The Field

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