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Friday, 1 January 2010

Do It In Deni

By Darren Stones

Deniliquin, New South Wales, Australia, Town Hall IMG_5611_Deniliquin

Title: Deniliquin Town Hall
Photographer: Darren Stones
Location: Cressy Street, Deniliquin, NSW, Australia
Date and time: Sunday 9 August, 2009, 6:14PM

"Renowned as the ute capital of the world, Deniliquin in rural NSW has quite a few eye-catching subjects to photograph. Before heading to the local RSL for a plate of grub and a schooner of Carlton, the moment seemed right during the blue hour to get a keeper of the Deniliquin Town Hall. What amazed me whilst standing here was the effect one street light could have on the architectural features of the building. With the clouds moving across nicely, it was a matter of waiting for a break in the sparse and slow moving traffic. Deniliquin is on the Long Paddock touring route." – Darren Stones

Series: In The Field

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